SOS Children's Village Natitingou celebrates women

13 Mar 2017
The 8th March on which the International Women's Day takes place every year, was celebrated again this year. In Natitingou and throughout Benin, women were in the spotlight. This year's edition was marked by the active participation of the SOS Children's Villages in the official festival, through its programme in Natitingou.

There is no need to recall the immense and invaluable role that our women and our mothers play in society and in our everyday lives. Women, especially in the labour world, are even more subject to many constraints that hamper their full development. That is why our country has chosen to discuss this topic "Socio-economic empowerment of women: a step towards the development of Benin", this year. It follows the international topic for the celebration of the International Women's Day (IWD) this year, entitled "Women in a changing labour world: a planet 50-50 up to 2030".

To achieve this noble goal, Non-Governmental Organizations such as SOS Children's Villages Benin and Plan Benin  which work in the social field, were invited to the official festival that took place in Natitingou on Friday 10th March, the date of the delayed celebration of IWD 2017. As might be expected, the participants were mainly women from various fields of production and animation of the socio-economic life of the country. Among other things, the ceremony was attended by the Head of Atacora and Donga department, the Mayor of Natitingou commune and the women's representative of the department. She urged her pairs to equitably educate children without gender discrimination in order to reduce or even eliminate the inferiority complex of girls towards boys. It was Mrs. Innocente Sacca, Programme Director of SOS Children's Village Natitingou who was in charge of representing our organization by presenting a communication on the main topic of the day.

In her presentation, Mrs. Innocente Sacca traced the achievements of the government and also those of the civil society. She then spoke about the actions of SOS Children's Villages Benin in the area of ​​strengthening families and empowering women who are heads of household. She has not failed to also focus on the enormous challenges that remain to be met. These include access to education (literacy for women, for example), training (support for parenthood), information (access to ICT), valorization of women's household work, And positive discrimination for women.

At the closing time of the celebration, the Director General representing the Minister of Labor, Public Service and Social Affairs thanked SOS Children's Villages Benin and Plan Benin for the successful organization of this day. She then invited the women to more commitment in order to realize the goal of the IWD 2017 topic, for the happiness of the entire Beninese nation.


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