Soon, there will be drinking water for public schools in Abomey-Calavi!

04 Jun 2018
SOS Children's Village Abomey-Calavi is listening to the voice of vulnerable children in surrounding communities. It is the case of three public primary schools that will soon have drinking water. These are the public primary schools of Somè, Ahossougbéta in the District of Togba and Aganmandin in the District of Abomey-Calavi. SOS Children's Village is characterized by the quality care for children who lost parental care and children who are at risk of losing parental care. SOS Children's Village excels in advocating for the fulfilment of the child’s rights. Whenever one of the rights of the child is not respected, SOS Children's Village feels concerned. For example, the cry of distress from children in some public primary schools was heard: "Since the school was founded in 1972, there has never been drinking water for pupils. It is the water of poorly maintained wells that children drink. As we know that SOS Children's Village helps vulnerable children, the president of the Parents' Association and myself, head of the area have called on this Organisation for support. SOS Children’s Village brought our complaint to the Embassy of the United States of America that funded this project. We thank all those who, in one way or another, have helped start the project today", one of the heads of the localities that benefited from the project said.

The speeches of the three heads of localities are almost alike since pupils live the same circumstances. These heads of localities are: Mr. Athanase Lokossou for Ahossougbeta, Mr. Rodrigue Kossou for Aganmadin and Mr. Jules Kohinto for Somè. At Somè, the school head teachers Ms. Ginette Sèwa and Ms. Aimée Cathérine Amoussou have 768 learners; Ms. Germaine Houndjanto of Ahossougbéta has 375, while they are 400 at Aganmandin in Ms. Thècle Kadi and Ms. Firmine Atakpah’s schools. Thus, 1,543 pupils will benefit from this project of drilling. As for the extension project of the network of the National Company of Water called SONEB, five public schools are beneficiaries: Beninoise, Zoca group A, Zoca kindergaten, Gbodjo groups A and B, and Agori. These schools are attended by more than 1,650 pupils. In total, 3,193 pupils will have drinking water in the next few days.