African Child Day 2019 in the Collines

02 Jul 2019
SOS Children's Village and a network of NGOs involved in child protection advocate for the development of contingency plans in all municipalities in the department of the hills as part of the African Children's Day (JPO) on Sunday 16 June 2019.

On Sunday 16 June 2019, children, parents, administrative authorities, NGOs involved in child protection and curious about the six municipalities of the Department of the Hills, gathered in the conference room of the Hotel JECO in Dassa-Zoumè to celebrate the 29th Day of the African Child.  This year's theme is: Humanitarian action in Africa, children's rights first.
At the beginning of the celebration, the children's folk group produced an opening ballet, traditional Toba folklore. Through their performance, these little ones asked adults to protect children and invited their peers to work in school to secure their future. Following them, the first authority of the municipality of Dassa, Mayor FAGNON Kotchami Nicaise will thank the government for the law limiting strikes, canteens in schools, and the recruitment of teachers. He also thanked the NGOs involved in child protection. Finally, he advocated for access to ICTs for the children in his commune who are marginalized. He ended his remarks by saying: "Children, I invite you to work well in class. ». The audience will then enjoy a cultural window.

To keep up with the news, Mr Alexis BOTON, working in the Departmental Directorate of Social Affairs and Microfinance, gave a presentation on the year's theme. He began with a conceptual clarification of the terms humanitarian actions, children's rights. He also spoke about crisis and disaster situations and the articles of the Children's Code that govern all interventions. The Resident Representative of Plan International representing civil society organizations Mr karl Frédéric Paul took the floor to spread out protection actions and promised more respect for children's rights in all actions. He passed the baton to Miss Dossou Anne of the SOS Dassa-Zoumè children's village, representing the children of the Department of the Hills: "Of the six communes in our department, three (03) have a contingency plan developed since 2012 and updated every year. I would like, from this rostrum, to thank and congratulate the Mayors of the Hill Department for this achievement. However, the problem is that there are no pre-designed responses, to be implemented very quickly, to rescue, support and relieve communities and especially children in the event of disasters or natural disasters in 50% of the communes in the department of Les Collines. Disasters do not prevent. That is why our municipalities should have contingency plans that are sensitive to children's rights. We are convinced that by participating in the development of contingency plans through our representatives, we will have the opportunity to know and anticipate the problems that arise in our communities and prepare to provide increasingly appropriate responses as we grow and mature," she stressed in her speech.

To close, the Prefect of the Departments, Mr. Firmin KOUTON, promised that the Departmental Executive Council for Children will participate in the elaboration of contingency plans. It also spread out the government's actions in the area of child protection and well-being


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