Our National Ambassador

The National Ambassador of SOS Children's Villages is our National Official Sponsor, Mrs. Naka GNASSINGBE de Souza.

Naka GNASSINGBE de Souza received an education that is in line with the preservation and enhancement of the African cultural heritage, this means the African tradition. Indeed, his late father, M. GNASSINGBE was one of the great champions of the recognition and promotion of African culture.

It is therefore easy to understand why the core values of our African societies are permanently shown out through Naka GNASSINGBE de Souza; these values include solidarity, family, sharing, sense of honour and selfless commitment to noble causes; they are part and parcel of the education and inheritance she received.

This also justifies why she made social and humanitarian works both in Togo and Benin, including the latest one which is her commitment to SOS Children's Villages Benin as National Official Sponsor.

Her commitment goes beyond what she does for children. Indeed, our National Official Sponsor is particularly active in organizations promoting women everywhere in Africa. The recognition of her commitment in associations that fight for women and thus contributing to the overall development has earned her several awards. We will give here, the example of the Excellence Trophy she received on December 26th, 2010 at the Mercure Sarakawa Hotel Lomé as woman leader at the same time as other personalities of Togo.

We just chose to introduce our National Official Sponsor from social perspective, but it would not be superfluous to mention that she is also very active in promoting the economy. Indeed, she held senior positions such as Head Manager of the National SMI/SME Promotion, Funding and Guarantee Agency Togo. She played a very active role in the organization and also during the first national forum on Togolese women during which she made a greatly appreciated presentation on Mortgaging and Financing of SMEs.

Her commitment and determination have been the source of a major project related to cleaning up the Togolese capital city that has generated hundreds of jobs for young people. This project is part of the efforts geared to reorganizing the sector of solid waste management. As you can see, the works of Mrs. Naka GNASSINGBE de Souza embrace several areas and we cannot mention all of them.

Ms. Naka GNASSINGBE de Souza is the wife of Marcel de Souza, the incumbent Minister of Development of Benin.


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