Organisational Structure

SOS Children’s Villages Benin is headed at a national level by a National Office which is located in Zopah at Abomey-Calavi. The national management team includes:

  • a National Director,
  • a National Pedagogical Adviser,
  • a National Youth Community Co-ordinator,
  • a National Co-ordinator of  the Families of Origin and Medical Centres,
  • a National Co-ordinator of Advocacy,
  • a Project Co-ordinator,
  • a National Fundraising and Communication Co-ordinator,
  • a National Sponsorship Co-ordinator,
  • a Financial Controller,
  • a Human Resource and Administration Manager,
  • a National Information and Communication Technology Co-ordinator,
  • a Personal Assistant of the National Director,
  • an Assistant of the National Sponsorship Co-ordinator,
  • three accountants
  • two drivers

At the level of each of the three SOS Children’s Village programmes which are established on the Beninese territory (Abomey-Calavi, Natitingou et Dassa-Zoume), a Programme Director leads the SOS programmes, namely the SOS families (family-based care), the families of origin (family strengthening) and the education.  Each Programme Director is supported by a team including:

  • a Co-ordinator of SOS families
  • a Co-ordinator of Families of Origin
  • a Co-ordinator of Education facilities
  • a Co-ordinator of Psycho-Social Services
  • a Co-ordinator of Financial and Administrative Affairs
  • a Director of Medical Centre (except Abomey-Calavi)


Our programmes in Abomey-Calavi, Dassa-Zoumé and Natitingou in Benin enable us to fulfil the rights of thousands of children. SOS Children’s Villages Benin is a member of Children's Villages International, operational in 133 countries and territories.